Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Diagnostics, Dr. Klein, Dr. Rost and Colleagues

Division of Transfusion Medicine

The Division of Transfusion Medicine focuses on molecular genetic HLA typing in the context of bonemarrow and stem cell donations and donor search using next generation sequencing (NGS). Other points of focus lie in typing of Killer-Cell-Immunoglobuline-like Receptors (KIR), HLA associated diseases (e.g.Bechterew's disease, narcolepsy or certain autoimmune disorders), and primary immunodeficiency diseases (e.g. hereditary periodic fever syndromes, CVID, SCID, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, APECED etc.).

Clinical services include consultation and if appilicable realization of active immunization with partner lymphocytes for couples with immune-related infertility. The focus of research lies in the characterization of the MHC in the context of graft-versus-host reaction (GvH).

Diagnostic Portfolio

Our Division of Transfusion Medicine provides the following comprehensive diagnostic services: